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Rules & Regulations

Operating under the principles, governance and objectives of our Club
Constitution, our amateur basketball club exists solely with voluntary support to give children and adults of all abilities the opportunity to play basketball in a safe, accessible and organised environment. The club expects all players, parents/carers, spectators and officials to behave in a responsible, caring and positive way during all planned sessions and whilst representing the club at team matches and during any club events. In the event that an individual or group of individuals fail to meet these standards this could result in a verbal warning being issued from a club official and, in very extreme circumstances, this could escalate to the immediate suspension from all club activities. Should the same individual/s behave in a way regarded as inappropriate on a second occasion, they may be
temporarily or permanently excluded from club activities, at the discretion of the club committee.
Code of Conduct

  1. Respect other players, coaches, volunteers and other officials.
    The organisation and delivery of club training sessions, games and events depends upon coaches and volunteers giving their time. Everyone involved in the club deserves the right to respect from other members. Any form of discrimination, particularly regarding race, religion or gender will result in the club taking immediate action against the party concerned. Behaviours such as, but not exclusive to, bullying, fighting, intimidation, harmful criticism is not acceptable, in any circumstances. Referees and officials have a difficult task to perform and without their participation you and the club could not play in team matches. Referees and officials are there to enforce the rules of play but, like anyone, they cannot be right all of the time. When calls do not go your way, try and accept this graciously. Abuse of referees is deemed as unacceptable behaviour and players (and parents) who continually dispute decisions or do not accept bad
    decisions may be removed from team activities. If you disagree with a
    decision, constructively request that your coach approach the referee during a break, time-out or after the game, in an appropriate manner.
  2. Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.
    Trafford Basketball Club works in close partnership with Manor Academy School and the courts and general facilities are provided in trust for the club’s purposes. These must be treated with care and respect at all times. The club’s balls, kit and equipment are funded from weekly players’ subscriptions and other charitable fund raising efforts and will only function properly if kept in a good condition. Ensure that you do not abuse any facilities or equipment provided for use, as this will not only affect the quality of use but could also cause serious harm or injury for other users. All litter should be placed in the bins provided and not left around the courts for volunteers to tidy at the end of sessions.
  3. Listen to the advice of your coach and try to apply this advice at
    practice and in games.
  4. Your coach has the best interests of all players irrespective of their ability or background and he / she is always happy to listen to parents/carers and players if there are any questions, concerns or observations. Equally, it is expected that your coach’s mentoring and advice to players (and parents / carers) is positively embraced and supported by listening and acting during
    sessions and game situations. We ask that parents / carers do not undermine coaches and that we work in partnership to give players maximum enjoyment and development. Apart from skills training and development, your coach can provide you with helpful advice on all aspects of playing basketball. Make the most of the opportunity
    provided to you to work with your coach to have a happy an successful experience in basketball. When the coach is giving instructions and talking, make sure you can see and hear him / her and do not bounce your ball until you are told to do so. Particularly with mixed ability sessions, it can be challenging for coaches to
    articulate information to players so it’s critically important that all players are focused and listen attentively. If a player doesn’t understand something it’s important that they put their hand up and ask for further clarification (or approach the coach on a one-to-one basis).
  5. Promote a ‘safety first’ culture.
  6. Although not compulsory, our preferred option is for the parent / carer of children of primary school age and below to remain at court side at all times during sessions at the club. Participating in a large group can often be a daunting experience for some children and by parents / careers being present
    at court-side it provides the coach with additional supervision and support and greater reassurance for the child. Additionally, parents can be on hand to accompany their child to the toilet and / or if the child wishes to be fully removed from the session. Players of secondary school age and above may participate in sessions without parental supervision, however, it is important to emphasize that the
    club is not responsible for supervising children if they decide to leave the court / session for any reason. It is advisable that any players in this age bracket without parental supervision have a means of making contact with their parent / carer in the event that they are required.
    Children must not be allowed to roam around the courts unsupervised and should remain at court-side at all times between refreshment breaks and games. Under no circumstances should children climb or play on the crash mats located at the side of the courts. When players are waiting at court-side to start their session (and between games) they should not play with basketballs, as there is a risk of these balls entering the active court causing potential injury and harm to players.
    Before and after sessions please ensure that parents / players do not walk across active courts without being given the signal from the coach to do so. Serious accidents can occur if a ball strikes an unsuspecting party so wait for the session to stop and for the coach to give you the green light to cross before doing so. Although the club will always aim to provide a safe and enjoyable environment, children of all ages attending sessions remain the responsibility of parents / carers.
  7. Be punctual and get to the session on time
    Practice and game time is precious and it is vital that as a club we make the most of our court availability. Players should arrive at the venue at least 5 minutes before the start time and should be ready to join in as soon as the session begins. This includes wearing the correct clothing and footwear, and storing any of your personal belongings.
    Players arriving late run the risk of missing the warm-up and it will be at the coach’s discretion whether the player can participate in the session or if they are sent home.
  8. Work hard for yourself and for your team.
    We understand that players have different levels of ability and some excel at parts of the game that others find difficult. The coach’s objective is to ensure that every player benefits from every session and makes some improvement (however small) each time they participate. To make this possible, every player must try their hardest and give the coaching staff their full attention. Players who do not pay attention or do not put in maximum effort may be asked to sit out part or all of a session.
  9. Have fun!
    Everyone wins and loses at some time. Be a fair winner and a good loser and most importantly have fun while you are playing basketball.